The DIY (dye-it-yourself) short is prepared for dye and ready for you to make them your own. You can tub dye them to match your favorite skates or sneakers, tie-dye them to get a little funky, or plant dye them using foraged plants…the possibilities are endless! 💭 

How to dye

There is no one way to dye your Hammies but most methods involve these three steps:

  1. Scour or pre-wash: Even though your Hammies are brand new, you want your fabric to be clean of oil, dust, and even fingerprints before dying because these can affect how the fabric absorbs dye. You can use a professional textile detergent or any old detergent.
  2. Dye: There are many different types of dye and dying techniques. If you're dying for the first time or interested in an easy, inexpensive, and predictable type of dye, we recommend reactive dyes (specifically Procion dyes from Dharma Trading). If you're interested in going deeper, you can try natural/plant dye (a good place to start is with pre-reduced indigo from Dharma Trading). As for techniques, there is tub dye (for solid colors), tie-dye, ice dye, transfer dye, discharge, etc. Most methods require a fixer such as soda ash to fix the color and prevent it from washing out. 
  3. Wash: After you're done dying, it's very important to wash it out so that you don't accidentally dye the rest of your clothes! Most techniques involve rinsing with cool water until the water runs almost clear and then washing with hot water and detergent by itself (or at the least with very dark colors that won't be affected by the dye that you used). We suggest washing and drying on a hot cycle to shrink them to size.

It isn't difficult or expensive to dye your own Hammies and after you dye your first pair, odds are you will start dying everything in sight! 😸

The DIY shorts will fit about a full size too large before you dye them. They are designed to shrink so after you wash and dry them for the first time (on a hot cycle preferably), they will fit like you expect them to 👌

If you have questions, send us a message using the chat in the bottom-right corner and we will be happy to help 👍


The Hammies short is an old short for a new generation. This short style was popularized in the 1970s in Southern California and for a decade it was the staple of skateboarders, surfers, rollerskaters, camp counselors, Tom Selleck, and many more. In the mid-1980s, shorts got longer and pants got baggier and for the proceeding 3 decades, the shorts were forgotten (a period also known as The Shorts Dark Ages). Fast-forward to 2017: Hammies has revived the once forgotten shorts in all of their primary-colored and wide-waled corduroy glory and once again, all was right with the world.

In short, the Hammies short is a homage to a time when shorts were shorter, fuzzier, and more colorful. These are your dad's shorts!

  • 🌱 Stretch corduroy (98% cotton, 2% elastic)
  • 📏 3" inseam
  • 🤸‍♂️ Elastic waist
  • 💎 Copper snap


Hammies sizing is based on US pants sizing (size 32 means 32 inch waist). If you don't know your waist size, measure around your waist just above your hips. If you're in between sizes, size up for a more relaxed fit and size down for a slimmer fit. Hammies fit true-to-size 👍

Don't see your size? We are introducing more sizes and we want to include you! Fill out our Size Survey so that we know what size to make 👍

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Free exchanges

If the shorts don't fit like you expect, you can swap them out for a different size at no cost to you (US customers only) 👌

See our exchange and return policy for details.

Men's DIY Short in the wild